The Bonny Institute

Board of Directors

The Bonny Institute offers educational programs which introduce and further the work of Helen Lindquist Bonny.

Donald Stoner

Don brings to the Board extensive experience in the non-profit sector. He holds a Masters in Divinity from the University of Chicago and has recently retired from full time work to a part time position as the Associate for Financial Ministries of the United Church of Christ Florida Conference. Don comes to the Bonny Institute through his family connection as son-in-law to Helen. He is enthusiastic about all aspects of the Board and is a solid presence as President of the Board. Don lives in Vero Beach, Florida with his wife Bea.

Erich Bonny

Erich is a licensed clinical social worker and a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery. He has a full-time counseling practice in the Baltimore metropolitan area where he incorporates the Bonny Method of GIM with verbal therapy. Erich is an assistant trainer and has made many presentations to professional groups about GIM. He is an active member of the Unitarian Church and is the father of three children. Erich's affiliation with the Bonny Institute goes back to its founding and before as Helen's son and supporter. Erich lives in Carroll County, Maryland.

Marilyn Clark

In 1999 Marilyn Clark was asked by Helen Bonny to guide the Bonny Institute through the transition that began with Helen's retirement. Marilyn was the acting director for two years and then moved onto the Bonny Board as treasurer. Marilyn was among the first to be trained by Dr. Bonny in the Bonny Method and gained administrative experience as co-director of the Institute for Consciousness and Music. She has been a Bonny Method trainer since 1980 and has developed training programs at Temple University as well as independent programs in England. Marilyn has written numerous articles on different aspects of the Bonny Method and is very interested in the method as a means of exploring consciousness. She is pleased to see the Bonny Institute continuing as a container for the legacy of Helen Bonny's inspiration and work.

Marion Miller

Marion ("Bonnie") Miller has known Helen since 1972 when she attended a Baltimore lecture. Immediately struck by what she encountered, Bonnie went on to train with Helen for the next 6 months, and has remained in touch with Helen to the present. Bonnie is a professional painter and a Professor of Art at Mount Holyoke College where she has taught since 1976. She shows regularly in New York at the First Street Gallery, and her list of commissioned portraits includes two US Poets Laureate and numerous literary and judicial notables. She continues to find Helen, her work, her teachings, and her self, a profound influence.

Diane Ritchey Vaux

Diane Ritchey Vaux, Ph.D., comes to the Bonny Board from her position as past President of the Association for Music and Imagery. She served as a psychologist providing psychotherapy, marital therapy, and Bonny Method sessions in the Pittsburgh, PA area for many years until her relocation to Port Townsend, WA in 2001. Since then she has continued to provide Bonny Method sessions and workshops, while increasing her involvement as an active musician, playing cello and viola da gamba. She is happy to express her tribute to the inspirational work of Helen Bonny by serving on the Bonny Institute Board.

Karlyn Ward

Karlyn trained in the Bonny Method in the 1980's and then went on to become a Jungian Analyst. She has a private practice in Mill Valley, California and has a doctorate in Clinical Social Work. Karlyn's dissertation was one of the first centering on GIM, and is of interest because of its cross-cultural study of western classical music and Chinese classical music as evokers of imagery. She brings to the Board expertise in ethics, social work, music, and non-profit board work. Karlyn lives in Mill Valley with her husband.