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Portrait Fundraiser

The Bonny Institute offers educational programs which introduce and further the work of Helen Lindquist Bonny.

Portrait Fundraiser

This lovely painting of the girl with her dog is a wonderful example of the portraiture of Marion Miller. In a special Ebay auction to be held October 23-November 1, 2020, you can have the opportunity to buy a Marion Miller portrait >> of you, your child, your dog, or whomever you want to honor with this beautiful art.

This conference, presented by a distinguished faculty of health care professionals who are researchers, scholars and therapists, will explore the value and use of music and imagery at the thresholds of consciousness--for parents and their babies before and after birth, for people living in the shadowy worlds of autism, AIDS, dementia or Alzheimer's Disease, and for those at the end of life.

You will be bidding on an original portrait to be painted to your specifications by Marion Miller, an American figurative painter with a solid reputation and impressive credentials. Marion Miller’s generous donation of her work will benefit the Bonny Institute. At least 95% of the proceeds will go to support the work of the Bonny Institute.

Marion Miller, a professor of art at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, is a master of figurative painting; her exquisite landscapes and seascapes, her portraits and self-portraits, and her quietly observed equestrian paintings are all testimony to her phenomenal artistry and skill.

Her commissions have included the Honorable James L. Oakes, senior judge in the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, the Honorable Bruce M. Selya, judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit, and a recent commission to paint the official portrait of former Smith College acting president John Connolly. Additional commissions include two poet laureates, families, and art collectors. On painting commissioned portraits Miller says, “I try to know as well as I can who a person is and get a general sense of how this person relates to their world -- watching the nuances of what catches this person’s interest, what their special rhythms are.”

A portrait, according to Miller—whether it’s a formal painting on which she spends hours, or a quick sketch of a friend—“is really about the truth of someone’s else’s reality.”

Her work is regularly seen at the First Street Gallery in New York and at Francesca Anderson Gallery in Lexington, MA.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

The amount of the final bid for this item will determine the size of the portrait. The range varies from 18” to 4’. Marion’s portraits generally sell in a range of $15,000 to $25,000. The portrait subject will have a sitting with Marion where photographs and interviews will ensue. From this sitting and from whatever specifications are agreed upon, Marion will paint the portrait. These portraits can be hung in living rooms, boardrooms, and university offices. The bid amount will include the cost of materials, and 5% of final bid amount will go towards travel expenses for the sitting. Additional costs for travel expenses for the sitting and for shipping the portrait upon completion should be expected. Allow two to six months after the sitting to receive the final portrait.

Between October 23 and November 1:

To find the auction site, you can come back to this site and click on the Ebay icon. This will open to the listing.

Or you can track the listing on Ebay
with keywords: Marion Miller, Charity Auction
Or through categories: art > painting > contemporary > American
Specialty services > artistic services > painting and drawing

To become a bidder and buyer on Ebay, you must first become a member. Prompts are easy to follow on the Ebay website.

We know that this is a wonderful opportunity for the right person to obtain a beautiful portrait. Perhaps that person is YOU!!

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