The Bonny Institute


The Bonny Institute offers educational programs which introduce and further the work of Helen Lindquist Bonny.

Music, as a structured envelope of sound, is probably the most effective and safe opener to the doors of the psyche. It reaches beyond personal defenses to the realities and beauties of the person. Music gives access to the discovery of inner strength, uncovers the potential for creativity, and manifests ways in which life can be lived from a center of inner security.

~ Helen Bonny

Ebay Auction October 23-November 1, 2020

Board member, Marion Miller, has offered to make a unique contribution to the Bonny Institute through Ebay She will paint a portrait for the highest bidder AND/OR for a contribution to the Bonny Institute. Either way, it is tax deductible. For full information, please see the Portrait Auction page. Or, go directly to the Ebay site between October 23 and November 1.

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The Bonny Method

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music is a process focusing on the conscious use of imagery arising in response to a formalized program of relaxation and classical music.

During a session, guided by a trained facilitator, imagery is evoked in the form of symbols, memories or feelings. Carefully selected music serves as a catalyst to encourage spontaneous verbalizations, movements, and insights to create an opening for healing and change to occur. The totality of the experience enhances self-understanding, therapeutic goals and spiritual transformation. Read more about the history and development of the bonny method.

Mission Statement

The Bonny Institute seeks to further the legacy of Helen L. Bonny by continuing to explore the relationship of music and consciousness engaging in educational opportunities that support those in the healing arts and those seeking personal renewal and transformation.

The Bonny Institute holds a sense of Helen Bonny's inspiration at its core. As an encourager of the pioneering spirit, Helen has brought many people to the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. They have been touched, many have been transformed, by that encouragement. As a lover of the beautiful spirit in great music, Helen has shown people how they, too, can be close to great music. As a mystic and healer, Helen has taught people that there is a divine, transforming spirit available to them as it has been made available to her. These qualities and more are what make Helen Bonny's work and the work of the Institute important to extend to the wider community.


Goal of the Bonny Institute:

To encourage, touch, and transform through music and the imagination.